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Library News -- Databases Newly Subscribed (2019/04/11)

Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the Library has recently subscribed to the following databases:


It provides fully-searchable facsimile resource for the study of British life in the 19th century - from art to business, and from children to politics.


This collection covers topics such as: colonialism, missionaries, slave trade and abolition, economic development and agricultural trade, international relations and so on.


These collections provide primary source material for the understanding and research of the various aspects of China during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


It contains a lot of digital images of texts printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, North America and other English language books from the year 1473 to 1700.


It offers access to the collection of India Office Records, which charts the history of British trade and rule in the Indian subcontinent and beyond from 1600 to 1947.


It provides reference resource with basic information on the characteristics, classification, and geographical distribution of the world's languages.

European colonialism in the early 20th century

7.  (Username: macaulibrary; Password: digital)

It offers thousands of educational videos, many exclusive, from top producers including Films for the Humanities & Sciences and hundreds more.


It provides access to those eBooks that we subscribed, including those published by the Institution of Engineering Technology.


This online platform provides full-text access to the resources with mainly focus on eBooks, covering Reference Books, Research Journals and Video Lectures.


It is a customized, citation-based research evaluation tool on the Web to analyze institutional productivity worldwide.


It gives the kind of historical resources previously found only at the largest and oldest repositories and gives access to foreign and international legal literature .

12.  The Historical New York Times with Index (1851-2014) provides users with searchable platform and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.






本專題數據庫遴選了上海圖書館近代期刊資源中粤港澳地方珍贵文獻資源,包括《東西洋考每月統記傅》、《遐通贯珍》、《私立嶺南大學校報》、《知新報》等著名期刊, 具有極為重要的學術價值和史料價值。

Please click the title of database on this announcement for direct access, or go to the “Databases” of library webpage at  for selection. 

Kindly let us know at if you have encountered any problem in your search and use of these databases.


UM Library